Bogdanich Market Gardeners began in 1926 with the arrival of Ante Bogdanic in Fremantle from his homeland of Starigrad which is on the island of Hvar off the Dalmation coast of the then called Yugoslavia.

When Ante arrived in Fremantle there was no work available so he worked around the country, going as far as North Queensland cutting sugar cane. He than came back to Perth where he worked as a stone mason whilst market gardening part time on rented land in Balcatta.

In 1935 his fiancÚ Albina Zaninovic arrived from the then Yugoslavia and they were married in the same year. They purchased 5 acres of swamp land in Gribble Road Gwelup which was appealing due to the fact that it didn’t require any irrigation. They grew celery, tomatoes, cauliflower and beans.

Ron was born in 1936 and his sister Mary 2 years later. In 1943 Ante and Albina purchased 12 acres of sandy soil on higher ground in Gwelup which was cleared using a spade and axe and ploughed with a horse they borrowed named Rosie. On this block they grew tomatoes, onions, beans, carrots, parsnips, cauliflowers and cabbage.

Ron left school in 1950 to work in the family garden full-time. Ron married Peggy Hunter in 1963 and had 3 sons, Paul (1964), Andrew (1968) & Michael (1970). Ron and Peggy bought 10 acres in Landsdale in February 1967 and cleared and developed 5 acres.

Ante passed away suddenly in 1967 with Albina passing away in 1976.

Ron and Peggy built their family home on the property in 1977 as well as purchasing an additional 10 acres adjoining their property.

Andrew commenced fulltime in the garden alongside Ron in 1983 followed by Michael a few years later.

Ron, Andrew & Michael expanded the Landsdale property to the full 20 acres and by the end of 1998 were growing in excess of 1,000,000 head of lettuce, 200,000 cauliflower and 50,000 cabbbage annually.

Andrew and Michael have now expanded the business to include 170 acres in West Gingin where they grow Iceberg lettuce, cos, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and celery.

Ron has now moved into semi retirement whilst Andrew and Michael take Bogdanich Farms onto the next level which was started by their Grand Father Ante Bogdanic many years before …..

“ Bogdanich Farms have developed a culture of quality, both in terms of product produced and on farm management. Their property in Gnangara Road is always meticulously maintained which is reflected in their end product “